Spiritual Services, Gifts and Tools to transform the mind, body and spirit

Spiritual Services

Spiritual Services include a variety of techniques and applications aimed to help individuals reduce stress, realign and balance their energy centers and improve their overall well being. The use of therapeutic grade essential oils can have a detoxing effect on the system allowing the body to regain balance and harmony.

Spiritual Gifts and Tools

Whether you are looking for a gift for someone special or for yourself to help you on your path of self discovery, Milky Way Ray’s Galactic Gift Shop is the place to be. Our items are all natural and hand crafted with the highest intention of love. From natural soaps to crystals and Angel dolls, there is something for everyone.

Classes and Events

Holy Fire Reiki  instruction and attunements from Level 1 to Master as taught by the International Center for Reiki Training

How to make 100% natural soap in your own kitchen

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Our blog is a collection of information we have learned and want to share with anyone who is interested to opening their mind to new ideas. We are connected to everything, the stars, the galaxy, Mother Earth, the rocks and snails. Once you start to understand this relationship, the world becomes a much bigger place.

Introducing our mascot - Milky Way Ray

Milky Way Ray is a friendly intergalactic ambassador from a galaxy near you. His mission is to share his knowledge from one galaxy to the next. Ray’s Galactic Center holds all his notes on things he has encountered. He hopes that his knowledge can help you fill in the black holes and bridge the distance between science and the metaphysical, even if it just sparks your curiosity to search for more answers. He loves the Galaxy, Sacred Geometry and Crystals.Everything we know is made of the same star dust. So hang out with Ray open your mind and let your imagination be your guide!