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Rubber & Glue

Do you remember the jingles you sang as a kid? I do and want to share one with you. I was in fourth grade and attended a Catholic school. We wore uniforms that consisted of a blue plaid jumper, a white shirt and cross tie. Oh don’t forget the navy socks and black patent leather shoes, you know, the ones with instant shine. Looking back I understand why we had to dress that way. If we all looked the same, no one would pick on you right? Not really. Kids still got bullied, even in Catholic School. I was a “pretty plus” as a young kid, another way of saying I was chubby.

I'm rubber, you're glue....

I’m rubber, you’re glue….

There was a boy who called me fat all the time until the day I punched him on the nose. When the Sister asked me why I hit him, I told her he picked on me and I made him stop. Unknown to me at the time, was the start of building my self defense skills. I remember when we would sing.” I’m rubber, your glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you.” I believed that is worked and it made me feel stronger.

As a long time martial artist I remember a conversation I had with one my first Masters. He said that karate is about self defense. Most people view that term as fighting, kicking and punching. He said it is not about fighting, it about protecting yourself, mentally, physically and spiritually. The practice of martial arts strengthens the body through exercise to fight off disease, the mind through focus and concentration, the spirit through strengthening the will and life force energy or chi.

Karate GirlI asked a friend of mine once what he thought about psychic protection and he made an interesting point. He said if you don’t envelop yourself in white light, then the negative energy doesn’t know you are there. I had to admit that was a true point. From my martial arts training you learn not to make yourself a target. If they can’t see you then you are invisible to them and they can’t hurt you right? What about those of us who seem to attract all the bad stuff without trying? As you might already know, if you are a bright spirit there are going to be negative energies that see you on some level. You can’t just be a target for them and allow them to attach and control you.

The whole idea behind psychic self defense, like any form of self defense, is protection. It’s not hard to do either. Think of it as a personal prayer. It is all about your intention. I just say my prayer a few times a day and it is my shield. I imagine myself covered in the pure white light of God’s love and divine protection. I repeat my mantra three times,” I am surrounded by the white light of God’s love and divine protection, through all time frames, levels and dimensions of my being, through out eternity and into infinity, Thank you God.”

You can also ask the Angels for protection or any other Spiritual Being you feel attracted to. I ask God because in my reality this works for me and I am comfortable with it. You can make up your own mantra or prayer. If you can feel it in your heart and fill it with all the love you have, it will be be your shield, your impenetrable rubber shield!

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