The Monroe Institute and Hemi-Sync

Hugging the giant crystal at the Monroe Institute

Hugging the giant crystal at the Monroe Institute

The use of sound to alter reality is not a new idea. Native Americans and Tibetan Monks have been chanting rhythmic melodies for ages to reach altered states of awareness. Robert Monroe, founder of the Monroe Institute located in Faber Virginia, was a pioneer in using sound waves to synchronize brain waves much in the same way. His patented Hemi-Sync? technology uses binaural beats to synchronize the hemispheres of the brain in order to allow them to work together. Depending on the frequency of the sound, different states can be achieved by simply listening to the music through stereo headphones. Embedded in the soundtracks a tone is placed in the left channel at one frequency, a second tone is placed in the right channel at a different frequency, then the brain create the third tone to balance them out, It has a wavering sound. Here is an example courtesy of Wikipedia and is best to listen using headphones:

The soundtracks are engineered so that the brain creates the third tone in one of the brain’s frequency ranges to deliver the desired state.

The four states of the brain consist of:
Beta- Range between 13-40 HZ. This is the state of the waking mind, alertness, concentration and cognition as we go through our day.
Alpha-Range between 8-12 HZ. This is the state of deep relaxation and is associated with relaxation, visualization and creativity.
Theta-range between 4-7 HZ. This is the state between being awake and asleep. This is the state where the mind can wander beyond of the limitations of the physical body. This is where lucid dreams live.
Delta- Range between 0-4 HZ. This is the state of deep, restorative, healing sleep.

We are fortunate to be right around the corner from the Monroe Institute and are an affiliate. We had the opportunity to attend one of their free 1 day programs. Although we have an extensive collection of Hemi-Sync? CD’s, it was nice to go to the campus and experience it live. The campus sits in the foot hills of the Blue Ridge mountains. During our visit we received a tour and experienced Hemi-Sync? in one of the check units. A check unit is the bed but it is in the wall with a room darkening curtain. Once you are in there laying down, close the curtain and put on the headphones, the experience starts. I have to admit, being at the source was much stronger than using the cd’s, but we love our cd’s and listen to them regularly. My unique experience was a personal greeting from Robert Monroe’s spirit welcoming me. It is a future goal to attend the Gateway Experience program, but will need to save for that.

Please follow our link to the Hemi-Sync? store, page will load in a new window.

Hemi-Sync store from the Monroe Institute

Here is a video explaining it:

Learn more about the Monroe Institute and Hemi-Sync? Technology. They offer a free sampler cd, you only need to pay shipping.

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