Hearts of Light

Hearts of Light 12 Piece Chakra Set

When I decided I needed a set of stones for chakra healing, I could think of nothing better that polished heart shaped stones. Whether they are used on a healing table, for meditation or just as a pocket rock for a day , their shape brings positive energy and the fills us with such feeling of love that anyone would benefit from them.

11 Piece Chakra Hearts set with handmade pocket pouch

11 Piece Chakra Hearts set with handmade pocket pouch

I was very happy when I finally found the right place to build these wonderful sets. I was drawn to 11 hearts and a pouch making it an 12 piece set. Of course the pouch is hand made with a heart pattern to match. After all we need to protect our hearts! I envision the chakra system as not only the 7 main chakras, but also the high heart which an Angel taught me about, the Earth and the connection to Heaven, the Soul. The heart stones were chosen not only for their color, but for their properties as well.

10 Heart Stones

11 Heart Stones


The set includes:

Selenite for Heaven and Cleansing

Quartz for the Soul Star

Amethyst for the Crown

Lepidolite for the Third Eye

Angelite for the Throat

Rose Quartz for the High Heart

Green Adventurine for the Heart

Tiger Eye for the Solar Plexus

Orange Calcite for the Sacral

Red Jasper for the Root and

Hematite for the Earth Star


Each set also includes the card with the properties for each stone and chakra:

The body placement for the Chakra Hearts

The body placement for the Chakra Hearts


Chakra and stone properties








Place the hearts? on your client, under your healing table under your client, or on your self!? You can also put them under your mattress and allow their energies to to flow during your sleep,? or carry them in your pocket when you need a little love. They make the perfect gift for friends, loved ones and even yourself!


Sets available for purchase in our store.

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