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Vulture – Soar Above All

It seems that 2018 has ushered in a new year full of hard times and trials that we may not have asked for, but they are here none the less. My mind was full of thoughts about the people I love and the challenges they are facing. I asked the Universe for some guidance. I was at the kitchen window looking out as I always do and I saw three turkey vultures sitting high in a tree in my backyard. I have a lot of little animals in my yard, but I have never seen vultures?in my yard?since I lived here. It was a very foggy morning and they were just perched there with outstretched wings, drying the dew off their feathers. Ok Universe, you got my attention. I grabbed my books and started to read what Vulture was trying to tell me.


Vultures in the yard

I learned the tale of the Vulture. Vulture once had the most beautiful feathers on his head making him the best looking bird in the sky. His power and beauty were envied by all the other birds.?The Sun lived very close to the Earth at that time and life was suffering from the heat. The animals got together to see if they could move the Sun higher in the sky and save the Mother Earth. Fox said, “I will take the Sun back to the sky.” Fox grabbed the Sun in his mouth and tried to carry the Sun but the Sun was too hot and burned Fox’s mouth. Fox dropped the Sun and from that day forward, Fox has always had a black mouth.


Possum stepped up and said, “I will take the Sun back to the Sky”. Possum wrapped his tail around the Sun and headed for the sky. The Sun was too hot and burned Possum’s tail. Possum dropped the Sun and from that day forward, no hair will grow on Possum’s tail. Vulture stood up and said, “I will take Sun back to the Sky.” Vulture took the Sun in his beak and flew high in the sky. As he flew, the heat from the Sun burned his beautiful feathers on his head. Vulture saved Mother Earth but lost his beauty forever.


Most people see? Vulture as a sign of death because he feeds on dead carcasses. Vulture is a symbol for death and rebirth and also purification. It’s scientific name “Cathartes Arua, means ?golden purifier?. If it weren’t for Vulture cleaning up, disease would spread from decay. Vulture has many aspects and meanings, but I found that Vulture promises us that the suffering of the present is temporary and necessary for a higher purpose, although you may not see, or understand that purpose at this time and that change is imminent. Thank you Universe for giving me this answer to share with all those who may need Vulture at this time. Like the Vulture, may your actions speak louder than words, may all those who look upon you see the real beauty within?you, and may you soar above all that holds you down.


Animal Speak by Ted Andrews
Animal Spirit Guides by Steven Farmer PhD

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