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You Can Do It!

You Can Do It!

Everyone has the ability inside to heal themselves, you just need to remember how

Have you ever thought of a person you know then all of a sudden the phone rings and it’s them? Or maybe had a “gut feeling” about something and it turned out to be true? Everyone has sixth sense of intuition, but it lays dormant and unused, shunned by religious beliefs and society as being something dark and evil. Although some people are born with psychic abilities, they are in all of us and we all have the power to wake them up. They are not dark or evil. Maybe you are not interested in being psychic but you would like to heal, or connect with your spirit guides and angels. All of these abilities are connected and all it takes is a little learning and practice to develop them.




Watching a flame has been used for a long time to help invoke a meditative state

Meditation is an important process. At first it is very hard for some to quiet their mind and disconnect from the outside influences and distractions and focus on the inside and quiet. Practice, practice and more practice is the best way to get good at it.

Lite a candle, burn a stick of incense and just sit for 10 minutes and try to clear your mind. Watch the candle flame burn and let your mind be at peace. At first you can use a keyword and every-time a thought comes in, just say “peace” or “love”. After you get better at it, extend it to 15 to 20 minutes a day. Whatever time is most comfortable for you.



With practice you can feel your energy field between the palms of your hands

Energy Sensing

Energy Sensing is an exercise that helps you build up your sense of feeling. One way to start is to hold up your hands palms facing each other about 5 inches apart. Slowly move your palms closer together. Try to sense the sensations. Next try to hold up your left hand and using your right pointer finger draw lines or circles slowing at your left palm without touching it. Focus on the sensations you feel in your palm. Can you feel the subtle energy coming from your right finger? It will start as a slight tingling sensation. As you get better at it, you can use quartz crystals and see if you can sense the vibration coming from the stone. Over time, you can use plants, your pets and people.



Your Angels and Guides are waiting for you to make contact with them

Connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels

We all have Spirit Guides and Angels. Some have been with us since birth and others may come in and out as needed. It all starts with an intention of wanting to make the connection. While some people receive messages in dreams, others may develop sight or hearing. Each person is different. Always start by protecting your self in a ball of white light. Ask that your guides and angels assist you in making the connection. Start out asking for a name and see what kind of feelings you get. You may get a name. Try to meditate everyday at the same time. It is like making an appointment.You can also make an affirmation before going to sleep at night that you would like to make a connection in your dreams. Upon wakening in the morning start a journal of your dreams. You will begin to understand the communication and messages they are sending you.

Open, balance and heal your Chakras

The 7 Main Chakras and their properties

This chart shows the Main 7 Chakras of the human energy field, the color associations, endocrine systems and balancing note. By learning about the chakras you can begin to understand how energy blockages can cause issues with various parts of the human body.

Embrace Hemi-Sync from the Monroe Institute
Never heard of Hemi-Sync or the Monroe Institute? Here is a video explaining it.

The Monroe Institute also offers a free sampler CD . Visit them and Experience Hemi-Sync for yourself.

Dowse with a Pendulum

Dowsing is an ancient art of of using a pendulum or rods to find under ground water or knowledge by using a means other than one your five; senses ,sight, sound, taste, touch and smell. Dowsing using a quartz pendulum is very easy and can be done by anyone.

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