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Universal Law

Natural Law of the Universe

Lessons learned through experience

In life we are taught lessons. The nature of these lessons can come from various sources such as our parents or school, while others we learn by our own experience. Lets take for example the electric wall socket. Now an adult, knowing about electricity, would never stick anything other than an electric plug in a wall socket. Here comes the child, curious and wondering why there is a little plastic thing stuck in the wall. The child takes it out and sticks a pair of tweezers in there. Well OUCH!!!! That hurt pretty bad and it blew the fuse as well. Will the child do that again? Maybe, maybe not, it all depends if they learned their lesson or not. I learned this lesson from experience. As a matter of fact I learned all about electricity by burning up fuses when I was young.

Sir Issac Newton

There are many laws in various topics. For example Sir Issac Newton was credited with the discovery of gravity by observing an apple falling to the ground, as the story goes. This law of physics defines how gravity works. He also discovered other laws of motion. The Mathematical Zero properties law, for example,  states that any number multiplied by zero equals zero. We live in a society of laws, we obey them or face the consequences. We don’t run red lights (well most of us anyway) because we learned that it can cause accidents, not to mention fines and court appearances as a penalty.

Judge Dredd – I AM the Law            Image courtesy Big Bad Toys



Universal or Natural Law is a guide to aid the Soul in attaining its higher purpose, reconnecting with God, the Source, the Divine or what ever your belief system calls that from where we all came. With Universal Law, you are, in a sense, your own Judge Dredd. You are your own judge, jury and executioner. Your thoughts and actions to everyday circumstances define who you are and what happens next, based on the laws. Although there are many interpretations of the basic 12 Laws, these are the versions that I resonate with. As you read each law, try to apply it to your actions in daily life. Ask yourself if you are repeating the same situations ? Are you in compliance of the law or breaking it and creating more karma? Hopefully having a knowledge of the Natural Laws will allow you to accelerate your growth, help you raise your vibration, make your journey through the physical world a little easier and keep you from sticking tweezers in an electric socket.


Click the name of the Law to reveal it’s rules. In these definitions, I used “The Divine” to describe whatever you believe our source to be.

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