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Sacred Geometry – Connecting to it

Sacred Geometry is all around us yet most people cannot see it. Is it because they are not aware of its presence? Or maybe they just don’t know what it is.

Fibonacci spiral in a pine cone

Fibonacci Spiral in the growth of a pine cone

In a previous post, Sacred Geometry in Nature, I introduced Sacred Geometry and a little about it. If you haven’t read that post, please take a minute to read it. So the question is, how to open up to and connect with it? It’s pretty simple, just open you eyes!  The image to the left shows a Fibonacci spiral in the growth pattern of a pine cone. This same spiral growth pattern can be found throughout nature.

Fibonacci sequence in tree growth

Fibonacci number sequence in the growth pattern of a tree

When you look at the branches of a tree, what do you see? Is there a pattern in the growth? If you look more closely, you will see it. Look at the trunk, then at the first limb, then go to the next and the next. Each branch divides off in a pattern. In this diagram, we can see the stick pattern of the branches ad they split. Compare this to tress growing in your front yard. Do you see it now?

Let’s play a game!

Why can some people find four leaf clover’s easier than others? Maybe they can see the patterns that nature shows us and may be more in tune with Sacred Geometry than they realize. Welcome to the virtual clover patch. Each image below has a four leaf clover in it. Your job is to find it. I’ll give you a hint, look for a square and have fun!

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