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Crystal Wands – The Journey into Light

Crafting White Pine Crystal Wands

Handmade Crystal Wands

Handmade Crystal Wands

As a part of my shamanic studies, I’ve researched the energies and magical lore of the wand. While some believe they are just fantasy,

I have come to experience that spiritual energies exist and fantasy can be a reality if you change your point of view. As a craftsman of crystal pendants and amulets,  I decided to create my own wand to better understand what the mystery was behind them and to experience first hand the energy they can manifest.

The Journey Begins

The journey for these wands starts in the heart of our beloved white pine tree Cassandra. Cassandra started as a seedling in our backyard over 18 years ago. She was hidden in the shadows of an old oak

Cassandra the white pine

Cassandra the white pine

who was that was taken down because it lost its core to disease. Cassandra grew tall towards the sky and is now over 35 feet tall and very strong. She shades the yard, provides shelter for the deer, a playground for the squirrels and forecasts our weather. She gives up branches every so often and these branches are used to create our white pine wands.

Form is Manifest

It is here that they show me what form they want to manifest. After cutting the branches into smaller pieces, each one is matched with a crystal point for the top and a smaller rounded or point for the bottom. A sketch is drawn of what I see and look for crystals to build out the design. This part of the process takes several days to complete.

Design in Hand

Once I have the initial design set, it is time to craft the wand. It is at this stage the wand usually gives me its name. Each is unique and beautiful in its own sense and I am grateful to be a part of its transition into this reality. The spiral is formed after the crystals are set. The final design is coated in pure copper electroplate. This part of the process takes about 14 days to complete.

Conducting with Copper

Copper is a conductor of energy and acts as a conduit for the energy coming out of the palm of the person wielding it. The energy continues through the crystals and out of the top crystal point. The connection of all the crystals to the copper adds the properties of the crystals to the wands overall energy. These wands were crafted with the highest intention of unconditional love energy.  Any attempt to use them for negative intentions will cause them to self destruct and leave them inert.

The Blessing Ceremony

Once the wands are crafted, it is time for their naming ceremony, invocation, and blessing. This ritual brings the spirit of the wand into its wood, blesses it and charges it. This ceremony takes place outside in nature under the light of the full moon. A copy of this ceremony accompanies each wand along with it’s naming certificate, how to call the spirit into the wood and is enclosed in a protective wood storage case.

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