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Oracle Insights – Week of July 25, 2022

Birdseye View for the Week of July 25th

I recently started working with the Urban Crow Oracle deck by MJ Cullinane. I have always felt connected to the crow from an early age being raised on a farm and am still fascinated by them. I asked the Crow for guidance this week, not only for myself but for anyone who is drawn to read this post. The card I drew was Distraction.

In this card we see a dog and two crows. While the dog is busy looking up at the squawking crow in the tree above, he doesn’t see the second crow stealing his dinner right in front of him. This card asks us to be mindful of distractions this week. Distractions can be both positive and negative in nature depending on the circumstances. So how can we tell the difference?

Ask yourself some questions about the current events in your life. Are you missing out on something important because you are focusing all your thoughts and energy in the wrong direction? Are your actions working to benefit you or just wasting your time? Are you missing an opportunity because you are living in a daydream? Take a step back and change your point of view. Be like a crow soaring above and see the bigger picture.

Sometimes a distraction can be positive without us realizing it. For example, you can sometimes get so involved on what you are working on that you lose focus causing you to either make unnecessary mistakes or get lost in the task at hand. By creating your own distraction by either taking a break, stopping to smell the flowers, or just closing your eyes for a few minutes, you can regain mental clarity and see the problems from a fresh prescriptive.

As you become more aware of distractions you will be able to determine how they impact the events occurring in your life. With this understanding you can change your actions to be more aligned to see opportunities, avoid making wrong choices and be more aligned with your divine path.




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