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Oracle Insights – Week of August 8, 2022

This week we look to the stars for guidance. It seemed fitting to chose the Star Dragons Oracle deck by Paolo Barbieri because this week is full of celestial events. On August 11th the Moon and Saturn will be in conjunction. Saturn is the nature of logic, while the Moon is the nature of emotions so your thoughts and emotions may collide. Try to stay balanced during this time especially due to the full moon. On the 14th is the peak of the annual Perseid’s Meteor Shower. To see them, look to the northeast sky before the moon rises.

Star Dragons Transformation

Our card is Transformation – defining yourself. In this card we see a man with a sword on his waist touching a dragon. There is darkness all around, yet they stand in the light as the dragon shows the changes from scales to feathers. This card is number 3, which in numerology carries the qualities of manifestation , creativity and self-expression. This card is associated with the Unicorn and the constellation Monoceros, which you can see in the dragon’s belly.

When I think of the word transformation, I think of a caterpillar and its metamorphosis into a butterfly. Transformation begins with our choice for change. You can’t expect to move forward and transform yourself if you are not willing to change. The outcome of this depends on you, your thoughts and inspirations. Like the card says, define yourself. What do you want to become? Set a crystal clear intention on what you want, describe it in as much detail as you can imagine. The next step is to realize what action you need to take to get there. For the caterpillar it is simple, eat and do not be eaten.

Dedicate some time this week to really think about your definition and the steps that it will take to get there. It all starts with an idea…….

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