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Oracle Insights – Week of August 15, 2022

This week’s message comes from the Seed and Sickle Oracle Deck by Fez Inkwright. This unique deck features a dawn and dusk interpretation for each card. My intention when I selected this card was for the mind and body so we will look at the dusk meaning.

Taking a closer look at this card we see three blackthorn branches coning out of an open hand. We also see a starry sky and a crescent moon. The hand belongs to Calileach, the guardian of the ancient woods and the Queen of Winter. Although she may appear to be old and fragile, she has great power within. This card asks you to know your own power within as people may underestimate you. You are especially strong when you are surrounded by the people and places that you love. Don’t let other peoples opinions take away your confidence in your own abilities.

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