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Oracle Insights – Week of October 17, 2022

Wolf Spirit

This week’s message comes to us from the The Sacred Forest Oracle by Denise Linn. The card that jumped out the deck was Wolf Spirit – Family. The card is absolutely beautiful! Here we see a white wolf with the Northern Lights above in a starry sky and a pack of wolves below. The colors swirl with blues and greens associated the with the heart and communication. While most people think of wolves as mean and ferocious, they are in fact very family orientated and social. They have each others back and stay together through thick and through thin.

The Wolf Spirit card is all about family. Now family doesn’t only mean blood relatives, it can also be your Soul Tribe, or friends who are as close as family. Our family can also take the form of crossed over loved ones who always love and support us. This message is telling us not to be afraid to seek help from our family if we need it. Release the feeling that you are alone because you aren’t. Like the wolf pack, they have your back! If you have unresolved issues with a family member, now is the time to allow those past hurts to heal. Be open, communicate from the heart and close the rifts that keep you apart.

Spirit reminds us we are never alone, that we are loved, safe and always have strength when we are with our pack.

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