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Oracle Insights – Week of October 31, 2022

Water Chalice

Water Chalice

This week’s inspiration comes from the Dragon Wisdom Oracle Deck by Christine Arana Fader. The card Water Chalice show us an image of a brass chalice filled with water. It is set against a background of icy blue frost. This chalice represents the element of water and associated with cleansing and rebirth.

Water is considered the cradle of life for it nourishes, but also cleans and clears. Spirit is asking us to wash clean all limitations we have set upon ourselves. Bathe in the water chalice and let go of the self doubt, the unbeliever within you. With clear intent let your inner voice repeat the affirmation, “I am letting go of all self doubt right here, right now.” Feel the water clear away these limitations and free your soul of their binding.

As you emerge from the water, see your self in a new light and a new awareness. Believe in yourself and remember, anything is possible.

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