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Oracle Insights – Week of November 7, 2022



Walrus, from Messages from your Animal Spirit Guides by Steven Farmer is our card for this week. Here we see a walrus sitting upon a rock with a small stream underneath. The background colors contain white, blue, purple and green. The colors are associated with the four upper chakras and our ability to receive and recognize signs from Spirit.

Do you have an issue that you need to resolve? A question you want answered? Not sure which way to go? Walrus asks us to look for the signs. Spirit can communicate with us in many ways but most of us don’t understand the language. Messages can be a gut feeling, a rainbow at just the right moment or maybe a butterfly that lands on your arm. How many times have you thought about an issue you are facing and when you turn on the radio and the song playing is answering your question?

Sit in a quiet space and think about the question you need help with. Ask Spirit to help you and don’t forget to give thanks! During your day, look for the signs, they are there and when you start to understand them, you open a whole new world in receiving guidance from Spirit.

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