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Oracle Insights – Week of December 19, 2022

Squirrel Spirit

Squirrel Spirit

If you haven’t noticed yet, I love Colette Baron-Reid’s oracle decks and this week our guidance comes from her deck The Spirit Animal  Oracle. Our card is Squirrel Spirit and we see a squirrel in the woods sitting on top of a pile of acorns while holding one acorn in his hand. The caption on this card is “Believe in Yourself”.

When we think of a squirrel, they spend most of the warmer months collecting acorns and other types of nuts to store them for the long cold winter. Spirit wants us to know that we have accumulated all the wisdom and resources we need to co-create the life that we want to experience. Let go of the doubt, let go of the negative thoughts and embrace the Squirrel Spirit.

Don’t forget all the knowledge and strength that you gained from life. Although we already know that life throws us curveballs, we have what we need to help us through the long winter months of life. Know that the spring will come, the flowers will blossom, the trees will grow and there will be more nuts to harvest. Believe in yourself because Spirit believes in you and so do I!


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