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Oracle Insights – Week of December 26, 2022

Healing Restoring Hope

Healing Restoring Hope

Healing and restoring hope is this week’s message from the Star Dragons oracle deck by Pablo Barbieri and Rachel Paul. A nighttime sky with a light of hope from a star illuminates our mighty dragon. Underneath we see a smaller dragon shining brightly. The constellation Pegasus is in the dragon’s wing and the star associated with this card is Enif, Epsilon Pegasi.

Hope is a hard concept for some people to follow. Was there a time when you lost hope? I know we all have at least once in our lives. It is hard to have hope when your life isn’t going as planned, you are ill or you have lost someone dear to your heart and all you can feel is pain and suffering. These types of situations leave imprints in our being and need to be healed. Spirit wants us to know that healing takes time and lessons will be learned but in the end, there is always something shiny and new waiting for us.

Restore hope in your heart every day and allow yourself time to heal. This is true even if the situation happened a long time ago, send it love and let it go. When you ask for healing, just know that will come. Remember, even on the darkest nights, the stars still shine their light to show us the way. How Spirit loves us to give us this gift of Hope on Christmas Day when the Star of Bethlehem shown brightly in the sky leading all to baby Jesus’ birth.

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