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Oracle Insights – Week of January 2, 2023

First Breath

First Breath

With the new year for most comes a sense of new beginnings and our guidance from Spirit is right in line with the New Year. Our message comes from the Shaman’s Dream oracle deck by Alberto Villoldo and Colette Baron-Reid. The card, First Breathe, beginner’s mind shows us an image of planets in a star cluster, like a planetary nursery for new beginnings but the cluster is actually a woman standing in the star glow holding a planet in her right hand.

Now is the time to leave the past in the past. Take a deep breath and release the situation you have been dwelling on. Do not give it any more power as you have now moved beyond it. There is a new world showing you its beauty and possibilities, trust in yourself and allow your curiosity to ignite on this new adventure.

Spirit reminds us of the importance of breath. As you breathe in, visualize the white light of the Divine and allow it to fill you and circulate through you. As you exhale, see all the negative energies you have buried inside released. Ask Mother Earth to recycle this energy for you and give her thanks.


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