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Oracle Insights – Week of January 9, 2023



A pimpernel is a flower that is in the primrose family. It has the ability to tell time and forecast the weather. If it is going to be stormy, it stays closed but if the sun is going to shine, it opens its petals to soak in the rays. This week’s guidance is the Pimpernel from the Seed and Sickle Oracle deck by Fez Inkwright. The card is pink with pimpernel flowers in full bloom surrounding a compass in its center.

Is there a situation in your life where you are not sure which path to take? Trust in yourself to see the signs. Spirit wants you to know, like the pimpernel, you already know which path to take and which decision to make. In nature, Spring is considered the new beginning, because it is the time when the ground thaws and new shoots begin to grow.

The pimpernel is in the suit of Spring and represents a new beginning, the transformation from the dark underground to the realm of light.  See the plan and the path that is set before you and trust in yourself knowing that you will make the right choice.

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