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Oracle Insights – Week of January 16, 2023


This week’s message comes from the Astral Realms Oracle Deck by Sara Lindberg and Rockport Publishing. Our card is Intuition, with the crystal Aquamarine and the Water Element. The image shows a large clam shell with two aquamarine crystals inside. Above we see two smaller clam shells pouring water over the crystals into the larger shell.

Our intuition is our guiding light, it is that higher part of ourselves that knows what path to take, and knows what choice to make. Everyone one of us has the ability to connect to it. When facing difficult decisions, trust your inner voice and that gut feeling. It will guide you to make the right decision. Think of the water aspect of this message as a flowing river. When obstacles get in your way, see the path around them as the water flows around the rocks.

Aquamarine is related to the heart and throat chakra, which in turn are connected to our intuition. When reaching inside to find your answers, call upon the Aquamarine crystal to help open your heart and help you find your path.


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