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Oracle Insights – Week of January 23, 2023


This week’s guidance comes from the Herbal Astrology Oracle Deck by Adrianna Ayales. Our card Mandrake shows a mandrake root that looks like a person’s body topped with leaves purple flowers and yellow seeds. In the background, we see a tower and a banner of stars. The caption on the bottom of the card says Sensuality.

Mandrake is one of the most famous mystical aphrodisiac plants. In ancient times it was dried and soaked in wine and drank as a love potion.  It was also believed to treat infertility in women. In Ancient Egypt, it was associated with  Hathor, the goddess of love and fertility. It was used as a love offering and as an aphrodisiac.

Mandrake is calling you to answer the question what inspires bliss, joy, and passion in your life? Focus your thoughts on those things that allow you to experience higher forms of creativity, love, and passion. Do not let feelings like unworthiness or fear of rejection hinder you. Ask these feelings to be released so you can stand in your power and open up fully to receiving love and passion fully and fearlessly.

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