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Oracle Insights – Week of February 6, 2023

Inward Revolution

This week we get our guidance from the Secret Language of Light – Transmissions from Your Soul Oracle Deck by Denise Jarvie. Our card is called Inward Revolution, the Way of the Heart. We see a brilliant starburst in the center of a spiral. The columns are made of DNA strands going in and out from the top and bottom. This card represents the journey inward and how we handle cycles of the heart. Sorry everyone, this week we have homework!

While we are on this plane of existence, we have lessons to learn. When we experience a situation and don’t quite get the lesson, we are forced to repeat it until we get it right. Our homework is to search our hearts inward and list three emotional patterns in the area of love that we have experienced. These experiences can also include self-love. For example, are you very hard on yourself? Can you look in the mirror and say I love you? Try to write as much as you can about each of them. Look at them and see if you can see a pattern. Go back and re-read each situation and look for something that you have learned. Do you see the lesson? Are any of the three related?

When we bring life lessons into our consciousness we give ourselves the ability to release them. Even the worst of situations can give us a gift we never saw before.

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