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Oracle Insights – Week of February 27, 2023

Lighten Up

Our message this week comes from the Moonology Manifestation Oracle Deck by Yasmin Boland. The card drawn is Lighten Up, the last quarter moon in Leo. Looking into this card we see the moon half light and half dark. The glyph for the astrological sign Leo is in the upper right-hand corner. We also see reddish-orange colors associated this the Sun ruled Leo.

This card tells us that whatever situation has strong energy right now in our life can turn out well if we find the balance between the light and the dark. When I forgive myself, I set myself free. With freedom comes happiness and prosperity. Maybe you just need to lighten up a little by not being so serious all the time or the balance between that and not taking things seriously enough. Here we see how we need to find that proper balance. Having a positive attitude toward life right now will help clear away any upsets.

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