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Oracle Insights – Week of March 6, 2023

This week’s card was drawn from the Urban Crow Oracle Deck by MJ Cullinane. Our card is Fog and shows a lone crow hovering in the forest above some red mushrooms in a cloud of fog. The fog is blocking the sight of the trees and the fence. Our crow seems unsure as his vision is obscured.

Our message is to look at our life right now and what is going on. Ask yourself, is there a situation that you are currently involved in that you may not have a clear picture of? Are you jumping to conclusions because you don’t have all the facts? Like the crow flying into the fog, we may get lost, even if it is a fog that we are creating ourselves. The fog may even be a block that we created out of fear of the unknown.

Spirit is asking us to take a step back, be patient and wait for the fog to clear. As the fog clears, you will see the bigger picture and the answers to your questions will be revealed. Be patient, let go of any fear you may holding onto and when the sky is clear, you will know what action to take. This too will pass and allow you to keep moving forward on your spiritual journey.

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