Oracle Insights – Week of March 13, 2023

This week’s guidance comes from the Sacred Forest Oracle Deck by Denise Linn. The card drawn is Owl Spirit, Wisdom. We see a lady in red with a set of butterfly wings in the forest in deep thought. There is a large owl above her with its’ wings outspread and its’ tail is glowing as if it were sending her information from above.

Our message is knowledge, and all we need to do is look into ourselves for the answers. The fog has cleared from last week and now is the time to trust your intuition. When we think of the owl, it is a bird of the night. An owl has excellent night vision and can see in the darkness. Be like the owl to see the wisdom and trust that the right answers will come. You are at the time of transformation, as represented by the butterfly wings, and ready to take flight. Spirit is sending you the answers to your questions so be open to receiving them.

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