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Oracle Insights – Week of March 27, 2023

This week’s guidance comes from the Spirit Animal Oracle Deck by Collette Baron-Reid. The card we drew is Deer Spirit with the caption, “Bring a gentle touch.” We see a young deer wearing a headdress made of orange cloth with feathers hanging down on the side. The card has green and brown earthy tones to it. My first impression of this card is a sweet, gentle free spirit, like Bambi in the Disney film.

Spirit is asking us to be gentle when dealing with others. Do not engage in a negative situation right now, no matter how bad the other person is being. Be mindful of the words you chose and understand the needs of others. You were not meant to take on the world and it is time to grow a tougher hide. Don’t let your gentle, sensitive nature allow you to be sucked into the drama. Be kind and diplomatic but don’t allow yourself to be bullied. If you feel you are going to say or do something that is not in alignment with your path, then it’s okay to take a step back and disengage. Allow the energy to settle and then approach it with grace allowing yourself to make compromises with your integrity intact.


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