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Oracle Insights – Week of April 3, 2023

This week’s message of guidance comes from the Crystal Spirit Oracle Deck by Collette Baron-Reid. Our card is number 54, Spirit Quartz. Spirit quartz is one of my favorite crystals. Spirit quartz is a quartz point covered with quartz points. It can be amethyst, citrine, or ametrine. It sparkles in the light and is a powerful crystal. Our card shows a Spirit Quartz cluster in a halo of light and in that light is the faint image of a person with their eyes closed and smiling like they are full of happiness and bliss.

The essential meaning of this card is connecting to the community, universal love, harmony, and cooperation. When we look closely at this crystal, we can see it is a community of crystals all joined together. Spirit is telling us it is time to share our gifts to help with the healing of those around us. Like a pack of wolves or a pod of dolphins, helping those who are weaker and helping them to rise makes our tribe stronger. Even the smallest act of universal love towards another makes big changes in not only those we help, but in our lives as well.

As an Angel number, 54 is a message from our Angels letting us know they are guiding us and supporting us to make healthy and necessary changes in our lives. Connect with Spirit Quartz this week and allow it to fill you with the universal love energy you need to make the world a better place for yourself and all those around you.

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