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Oracle Insights – Week of April 10, 2023

This week’s guidance comes to us from the Sacred Creators Oracle deck by Chris Anne. Our message, “You the muse” shows splashes of orange, peach, and purple. We also see a shining lotus flower and the number 03. When I see the colors orange and purple, I see intuition and creativity. That is exactly what this card represents. The number three in sacred geometry is tied to the triad, the third line to make a triangle. It can also be understood as balance, like the third leg of a stool or like the tree that connects Heaven and Earth. As an Angel number, the number three means an Ascended Master is helping you, the one you feel closest to. It could be Jesus, Quan Yin, or Arcangel Micheal. Speak with them, they can hear you!

So what is a muse? In ancient Roman and Greek mythology, the Muses were the nine inspirational goddesses of literature, science, and the arts. They were the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne and were thought of as the source of knowledge of poetry, songs, and myths that were shared through ancient cultures. I hope you can see where this guidance is going, yes you guessed it, it is time for you to find your rhythm, show off your talent, and shine your light like a goddess!

“Living in inspiration is a lifestyle choice you can make.” You are a unique being of light and have the ability to become a living muse. Ask yourself what makes your spirit shine. Release that inspiration, which is a connection between your creativity, and intuition. Like the shining lotus on this card, a connection to your higher self, spirit guides, angels, and ancestors.  Get up, step on stage, and dance like a diva! Living in the light of the muse energy will not only inspire you, but it will spread to those around you helping you all on your path of spiritual growth.

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