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Floating in the Void

Take a breath. Close your eyes and imagine yourself encased in a vast, deep, and calming silence. You feel an immense sense of peace. You are completely and utterly weightless, floating through the void, feeling no boundaries, cares, or worries. As you move, it is clear: your journey is one of self-care, exploration, and inspiration. Feel the calmness, and happiness wash over you as you travel and explore this inner void. This sense of peace and relaxation is what many people seek when they enter a float tank and in this blog post, we will learn a little more about these therapeutic tanks.

Float tanks are filled with a shallow pool of water that is heated to the same temperature as your body, allowing you to float effortlessly. The water is also saturated with Epsom salts, which makes it more buoyant and helps to reduce pressure on your joints. In addition, Epsom salts are said to have various therapeutic benefits, such as reducing pain and inflammation. Float tanks are designed to block out all external stimuli – including light, sound, temperature, and gravity which can help to quiet the mind and allow the individual to focus on their breath and relaxation. This in turn gives the individual floating inside a unique and deeply relaxing experience.

While the trend of float tanks first began in the 1950s, they have recently seen a re-emergence in popularity. Many years ago a flotation spa opened in the city where I worked. Like all other holistic therapies, I wanted to experience it for myself. Some people report feeling rejuvenated and refreshed after a float, while others find that the experience helped them to better focus and concentrate. Some people even report feeling more creative and inspired. While float tanks can have a variety of different effects on different people, to me it was pure bliss.

I would like to share my first float experience with you. I went to Aqua Float in Charlottesville, Virginia. It had a spa-like atmosphere, low lighting, and a really relaxing environment. When it was my turn, I was taken to my float room. There were a sink, shower, bathrobe, towels, and of course my float pod. I was asked to shower before my float and they also provided wax earplugs and a small foil of Vaseline. Due to the extreme amount of Epsom salt in the water, cover any cuts or scrapes as it will burn and spoil your experience! I was really amazed at how buoyant I was. The water temperature was perfect and it was very easy to relax. I closed the lid and turned off the light.

After the first five minutes or so, I became so relaxed, I could hear my heartbeat slowing down so I focused on it. Time seemed to stand still, I couldn’t tell how long I was in there it was such a release and disconnect from the world. Since the water temperature is body temperature, there were times it felt like there was no water at all. I started to see white specks like stars in the darkness, knowing that they could not really be stars. I went with it and had an out-of-body experience and I went to Ancient Egypt. Before I knew it my time was up, the lights came on in the pod and the music gently started to get louder. I have floated over a dozen times and each one is different. It is easy to get into that zen-full relaxation space once your body gets accustomed to it. I would highly recommend experiencing it for yourself.

If you have a floating experience you would like to share please do!




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