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Guided Meditation – Floating in the Void

This new guided meditation, “Floating in the Void,” was inspired by last week’s post and my experience in floatation tanks. Its purpose is to help you to reach a deep state of awareness. It involves focusing on the inner silence and emptiness, creating a space for insight and awareness to arise. The goal is to move beyond thinking and into a place of stillness and clarity. This is where our truth and inspiration can be found.


While the void may seem frightening at first, it is actually a very safe and supportive space. It is a space of non-judgment, where we can be free to be ourselves. We can explore our thoughts and feelings without judgment or criticism. We can let go of all the heavy baggage we are carrying around with us and simply be. In the void, we can see what lies within ourselves, and be amazed at the peace and inspiration we find there. It is a space within ourselves that is always available to us, yet we often forget its existence or neglect to venture there. By tapping into this space, we can find stillness, clarity, and a deep sense of calm.


I wish you peaceful floating.

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