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Oracle Insights – Week of May 1, 2023

This week’s guidance comes from the Celtic Spirit Oracle Deck by Nicola McIntosh. Our card is number 34, Standing Stones with the keywords Ancestors, Gateways, Sacred. Looking at this card, we see stones with spiral glyphs and a hand touching one of them. We also see a mandala with more spirals. The first thing that comes to mind when talking of Standing Stones is Stonehenge. Stonehenge has always been considered a sacred place and although it is not understood exactly what it represents, it is ancient and mystical.

Our Ancestors are letting us know that they are here and ready to help us find our way. Call upon their knowledge and strength to help us with the problems we face that we can’t quite figure out, the one that has you going in circles. Take time to go out into nature and place your hand on the ground. If you cannot be physically outside, then hold a stone of your choice and think of the issue that you need assistance with, ask your Ancestors to show you the way. In your mind, imagine the spiral, starting at the center and walking its path, as you get closer to the end, see the answers before you. Don’t forget to thank your Ancestors for their wisdom and guidance and remember they are always there to help, all you have to do is ask.

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