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Oracle Insights – Week of May 7,2023

This week’s guidance comes from the Spirit Animal Orcale deck by Collette Baron-Reid. Our card is Parrot Spirit with the caption, “Watch your Words”. We see a colorful parrot in flight wearing a golden crown. My first impression of the parrot is a bird that just talks, talks, and talks, saying whatever words it learned, not really knowing what they mean.

The parrot shows us that we need to be mindful of our words, whether they are thoughts, spoken, or written. Your thoughts create your reality so keep them positive. Spoken words have an effect not only on us but on the people we speak to, so speak with kindness, love, and respect. Even written words carry weight not only to ourselves but those who read what we have written, so make sure your written words are honest and truthful and that they come from the heart.

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