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Oracle Insights – Week of June 19, 2023

Our guidance for this week comes from the Dragon Wisdom Oracle Deck by Christine Arana Fader. Our card, Loss, shows us a beautiful white unicorn with a glowing horn and a dragon flying overhead. When you look at your life right now, what does the word mean to you? Is it associated with the fear of losing someone or something? Open your eyes dear one and look at the world around you. If you are reading this, you are being called to help our dear Mother Gaia.

We are warriors of the light, we are here to make this world a better place and to help bring it out of the darkness. Spirit is asking us to reach inside and find our light so that we can shine bright. We are the guardians of this world. “Our belief is our sword and our love is our shield.” Connect with Mother Gaia this week and send her healing. What would we do if we lost her?

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