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Oracle Insights – Week of October 23, 2023

In our second week, we draw from the Enchanted Blossoms Oracle deck by Carla Morrow, our deck of the lunar cycle. Our card is Appreciation and the flower that represents it is the sunflower. The sunflower is a beautiful and vibrant flower that has long been associated with appreciation. When we look at a sunflower, we are reminded of the simple joys in life and the importance of gratitude. The sunflower’s bright yellow petals and tall stature symbolize happiness and optimism, and they serve as a reminder to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us.

The sunflower can serve as a visual reminder to practice appreciation in our daily lives. Just as the sunflower turns its face towards the sun, we can turn our attention toward the positive aspects of our lives and appreciate them fully. By cultivating an attitude of appreciation, we can enhance our overall well-being and find joy in even the smallest of moments.

As we journey through this week take time to affirm your appreciation and remember when we show appreciation, the Universe gives us more things to appreciate! Here is a sample affirmation of appreciation that you can say either out loud or to yourself:

Today, I will take the time to appreciate the people and things that bring joy and positivity into my life. I will start by expressing gratitude for the people who support and love me unconditionally, such as my family and close friends. Their presence in my life brings me comfort and happiness, and I am thankful for their unwavering support.

I will appreciate the small pleasures and moments of beauty that surround me every day. Whether it’s the sound of birds chirping in the morning, the warmth of a cup of coffee, or the sight of a beautiful sunset, I will take a moment to pause and appreciate these simple pleasures.

I will also express gratitude for the opportunities and experiences that come my way. From the chance to learn new things to the ability to pursue my passions and dreams, I am grateful for the opportunities that make life fulfilling and exciting.

I will appreciate myself and acknowledge my strengths and accomplishments. It’s important to recognize my worth and value and to give myself credit for the progress I have made and the obstacles I have overcome.

By taking the time to appreciate the people and things in my life, I can cultivate a sense of gratitude and positivity that will enrich my day and bring me closer to a fulfilling and meaningful life.

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