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Oracle Insights – Week of November 13, 2023

Welcome to the new moon phase and our new deck for the cycle, Wisdom of the Hidden Realms by Collette Barron-Reid. Our card, The Web Weaver, with the keywords synchronicity, Divine intelligence, cause and effect. What a befitting card for the new moon! And before we forget, don’t forget your new moon affirmations!  This deck is one of my favorites as the author gives us a challenging message to go with the card.

We see a woman standing in a white flowing dress and she is weaving a web out of gold and silver threads. When we think of a web, the first thing that comes to mind is a spider’s web. The spider carefully and skillfully creates the web for survival. When something lands upon it, the spider feels the vibrations on the strands of the web. Now depending on the frequency and intensity of the vibrations, the spider can tell if it is a threat or lunch.

So how does this translate into a spiritual message you ask? With the new moon and the beginning of the moon phase, we set our intentions on what we want to bring into our lives. We are creating our reality and with the Web Weaver card, we know we are not alone and part of the web of life. Synchronicities, better known as those meaningful coincidences that occur in our lives with no logical explanations, will confirm we are on the right path and give us reason for hope. Patience and care are needed for the potential to grow into reality.

The challenge of this card is to look at our strand on this web, as beautiful and unique as it is, and make sure we are being true to ourselves. The Web Weaver warns us to check our behavior in all areas. We are asked to stand tall in our perfect imperfections, to see ourselves for who we are, and not hide behind a false image of ourselves. Allow your strand of the web to vibrate in the beautiful pattern of you, and allow magic to happen.

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