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Oracle Insights – Week of December 25, 2023

The full moon and Christmas Day prepare us for the third phase of the moon. Our card,  Follow the Stream from the Healing Waters Oracle Deck by Rebecca Campbell. The keywords for this card are “Dedication, Trust, Future rivers and oceans.” Think about where a river is born, from drops of water that meet and continue to flow regardless of the obstacles. They somehow continue to flow and before you know it, there is a stream, then a river, and oceans.

This is a card of trust and belief. You may not yet have the ability to visualize the future result, or perhaps you’re uncertain about the path to your destination. On this journey, there will be numerous steps that demand trust. This might be one of them. You’re being urged to discover that trust and belief.

Stay true to your course, follow the current, and let it guide you. Therefore, fully devote yourself to your passions and remain committed to what you’re manifesting. What might seem like a small trickle right now holds the promise of becoming a river or ocean in the world. Keep putting one foot in front of the other and trust your path. Continue showing up, day after day after day. If you do, sooner than later, you will have achieved incredible things.

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