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Oracle Insights – Week of January 1, 2024

Clear Waters is our card as we enter the fourth moon phase. This beautiful card from the Healing Waters Oracle deck by Rebecca Campbell has the keywords,”Clear vision, Confirmation, Right timing, and Opportunity.” This is an incredible card with an extremely encouraging message. It implies that something amazing has entered your life that is a resounding YES, or you have been diligently working towards aligning things and are now stepping into that realm. Whether it be a creative project, a new relationship, a new home, or a new chapter in life, whatever it is that you have been manifesting or yearning for, it appears that you have a clear vision of what you want and it is about to become a reality.

All the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place and providing you with unwavering support in this very moment. Power and strength are abundantly present. Perfect harmony has finally arrived. The boundless potential within you is now fully awakened. The path that lies before you is as clear as crystal, and what awaits you is of the utmost potency. Deep within, you possess the knowledge and intuition to navigate your journey. Ahead of you lies a limitless ocean of clarity and tranquility. Stay focused on your authentic path and continue moving forward with unwavering determination.

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