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Oracle Insights – Week of January 15, 2024

This week’s insights come from our deck of the moon cycle Nature Spirit Oracle by Denise Linn. Our card is Walking in Beauty. It features a desert scene with a natural arch and the sun shining on the horizon. A closer look shows the reds and blacks of grounding colors associated with the root chakra and the blues and purples in the sky connected to the higher chakras.

In Native American traditions, there is a concept known as “walking in beauty,” which is referred to as “hozho naasha” in the Navajo/Dineh tradition. This belief includes living in harmony with the natural world and striving for balance and harmony in all aspects of life. Walking in beauty means being mindful of our actions and their impact on ourselves, others, and the world around us. It involves respecting and honoring the interconnectedness of all things and recognizing the sacredness of life.

In this moon phase, the waxing gibbous, the moon is between half and full. It is a time of refinement and preparation. The greater you perceive and observe the magnificence surrounding you in your surroundings, yourself, and your physical being, the more it will overflow into every aspect of your life. Refrain from expressing any negativity about yourself or your physical form. Avoid belittling yourself or others. Instead, embrace and affirm beauty, and spend some time embellishing your body and personal environment.

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