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Oracle Insights – Week of January 29, 2024

As we enter the last moon phase our card for this week is Medicine Bag from the Native Spirit Oracle Deck by Denise Linn. A medicine bag is a traditional Native American pouch that holds sacred objects and items believed to have spiritual or healing powers. It is made from leather or fabric and decorated with symbols. The contents can vary but often include herbs, crystals, feathers, or personal symbols. It is carried or worn close to the body for protection and spiritual connection.

Our message is to be patient and discerning as we gather your resources. Your inner power is growing, so take a step back and allow it to develop. Be selective about who sees your true self and make wise choices. Avoid hasty decisions and trust your instincts. You are protected from negative influences and your potential is expanding rapidly.

Making a medicine bag is a personal and meaningful project. Choose materials, determine size and shape, sew or glue the bag together, decorate it, choose items to put inside, set intentions, and close the bag securely. Infuse the bag with your energy and intentions for healing and protection.

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