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Oracle Insights – Week of February 5, 2024

This week starts a new moon cycle with the New Moon coming in on Feb 9, 2024, at 5:59 pm. Our deck for the next four weeks is the Affirmations of the Fariy Cats Oracle deck by Brenda June Saydak. Our card is Spring, “As sure as winter always makes way for spring’s joys I will never lose hope even when all seems bleak.” We see a cute white kitty with vibrant green eyes and pink wings surrounded by pink dogwood flowers. In many cultures, dogwood trees signify qualities such as strength, resilience, and beauty. The dogwood flower itself is often seen as a symbol of purity and innocence.

Spring is often seen as a time of renewal and rebirth, both in the natural world and in a spiritual sense. As the cold winter months give way to warmer temperatures and blossoming flowers, it is easy to see why spring is often associated with a sense of hope and new beginnings. In many spiritual traditions, spring is seen as a time of cleansing and purification.

Our guidance is to remind us that although winter may be viewed as harsh and dark, without it spring cannot be realized. If you’re experiencing a challenging period, don’t waste energy worrying about the future. Nothing remains constant indefinitely, including the bad times. Know that everything that happens is working for your greater good and like the changing seasons, spring is on the horizon bringing hope and new beginnings.

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