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Oracle Insights – Week of April 8, 2024

This week’s guidance comes to us from the Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle deck by Lon. Our card is number 33 Miracle. The captions read,” The frequency of Miracle supports our belief in ourselves as part of Source and, therefore, our belief that anything is possible.”  Today is the new moon and a total solar eclipse where we are located. This is very strong energy and what a card to draw on this day!

Miracles are often seen as rare occurrences that defy natural laws and bring about extraordinary results. The frequency of miracles can vary depending on one’s perspective and beliefs. For those who have a strong faith or spiritual connection, miracles may seem to happen more often as they attribute them to divine intervention. Others may view miracles as random, chance events that occur infrequently and without explanation. Regardless of one’s beliefs, the idea of miracles can bring hope and inspiration to people in difficult times. Whether they happen frequently or rarely, the concept of miracles reminds us of the power of faith, positivity, and the unexplainable wonders of the universe.

The number 33 has been associated with miracles and positive energy in many spiritual and religious traditions. Some believe that the number 33 represents guidance and protection from a higher power, while others see it as a symbol of divine intervention and blessings. In numerology, the number 33 is considered a master number, representing compassion, healing, and spiritual growth. Whether you believe in the power of numbers or not, the idea of the number 33 as a symbol of miracles can serve as a reminder to stay open to the possibility of unexpected blessings and opportunities in life. It encourages us to have faith and trust that things will work out for the best, even when we can’t see the whole picture.

A miracle can be something as simple as a beautiful sunrise or a kind gesture from a stranger. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to miracles. By recognizing and acknowledging small miracles, we can cultivate a sense of gratitude and wonder for the world around us. This appreciation for the miraculous moments in our lives can bring us joy, peace, and a deeper connection to the universe. It helps us to see the beauty and magic in everyday life and reminds us that there is always something to be thankful for. So take a moment to reflect on what miracles mean to you, and open your heart to the wonder and awe that surrounds you.

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