Using a pendulum to connect with your spirit guides and higher self can be done by anyone. I will always warn that any attempt to make contact with spirit needs to be done with protection and the highest intention of light and love.

First you must find a pendulum. This is purely a personal choice or you may be drawn to a specific stone, metal or design. I personally have a few pendulums that I use for different reasons, for example my Chakra Pendulum is used for chakra tuning and balancing and I have another for asking questions. My personal experience has led me to believe that once you train and program your intentions into a pendulum, it becomes better suited for that purpose.

Once you have made your choice you will want to clear it. Depending on the material it is made from you can accomplish this a few different ways. One is by placing it in a shallow bowl and covering it with sea salt. Leave it in the sea salt for a few days and simply remove it and brush it off. If you have a filigree top like my handmade pendulums, you will want to avoid pouring salt over it as it will get trapped in the filigree cap. You can cover it with tissue paper before pouring the salt over it. Another method I use is clearing by the sun and the moon. Leave your pendulum in the moon light to clear it and charge it in the sunlight.

Once you have cleared your pendulum you will need to program it with a blessing of your choice. The main goal here os to infuse as much love, light and positive affirmations to ensure its connection with the highest, purest vibration. Hold the pendulum in your hands and say a simple blessing like:
“My pendulum of light, I infuse you with the white light of God’s divine love and protection. I ask that you connect to the highest vibration of love and light. I ask that you provide me with divine guidance from the highest source. And so it is.”

Now that you have blessed your pendulum, you must also bless and protect yourself. You can say and blessing you feel comfortable with or something like:

Chakra Tuning

Chakra Tuning on a surrogate for distance healing

“I surround myself and my pendulum in the white light of God’s love and divine protection. Only beings of the light and the highest vibration of love can assist me. I ask this with gratitude from my heart, now and forever, And so it is.” Continue with a brief meditation to clear your mind and focus on your connection with your pendulum.

Hold your pendulum in your dominate hand by the top of the chain or bead depending on the style. You will want to brace your elbow so that your hand stays as still as possible. It is best to start with simple yes and no answers. The pendulum will swing one direction for yes answers and one direction for no answers. As with any skill It does take practice to gain accuracy. Take your time and don’t forget to journal your sessions with your pendulum so you can keep track of your progress.

Merkabah Repatterning Codes

Using pendulum to determine correct Merkabah Codes

Pendulums can be used in many other ways as well. For example they can help determine which Merkabah Repatterning Codes your energy field needs. To do this prepare to use your pendulum by the steps listed above. Lay out your Merkabah Codes on the table. Hold the pendulum over each code card one at a time and ask, ” Do I need this code induced at this time?” Put your yes answers on one pile and your no on the other. Then you can proceed with your repatterning session. You can also use your pendulum over a map to look for a new house, or maybe a new job, anything you need an answer for.


When you are finished using your pendulum, say a prayer of thanks and gratitude to your pendulum and to the Spirit Guides and Angels that assisted you in finding your answers. You can say a blessing like:
” Thank you Guides and Angels for your assistance, with gratitude and love from my heart to yours now and forever, and so it is.” I usually kiss my pendulum and put it in it’s velvet bag.