Animal Reiki

Returning our animal companions back to their authentic earthly and divine nature

Animal Reiki is a holistic approach to promoting wellness and healing in animals. Reiki, a Japanese healing technique, involves the use of gentle touch or distance healing to balance the energy of the body. This practice is believed to reduce stress, promote relaxation, and support the body’s natural healing abilities.

One of the key benefits of Animal Reiki is its ability to reduce anxiety and fear in animals. Many animals, particularly those who have experienced trauma or have been rescued from abusive situations, may have high levels of stress and anxiety. Animal Reiki can help to calm their nervous system and create a sense of safety and security.

Animal Reiki can also support physical healing in animals. By promoting relaxation and balancing the body’s energy, it can help to reduce pain, inflammation, and discomfort. This can be particularly beneficial for animals with chronic conditions or those recovering from surgery or injury.

In addition to its physical and emotional benefits, Animal Reiki can also strengthen the bond between animals and their caregivers. The practice involves gentle touch and focused attention, which can help animals feel loved and supported. It can also provide an opportunity for caregivers to connect with their animals on a deeper level and understand their needs and emotions.

Animal Reiki offers a gentle and non-invasive approach to promoting wellness and healing in animals. Whether used as a standalone therapy or in conjunction with traditional veterinary care, it can provide a range of benefits for animals of all kinds.

Empowering animals to achieve their divine purpose from a place of health and vitality

For Best Results:
  • Take your animal companion out to do their business before the session
  • Have fresh water available during the session
  • Animals have free will and are easily distracted, please prepare your area prior to your session to reduce these distractions

Animal Reiki Sessions

In-Person Sessions 45 minutes – $65

In-person sessions will be completed in your home, barn, or clinic within a reasonable distance from Goshen, New York.

During a session, you will need to be with your animal companion at all times. Animal Reiki is given using the Reiki-in-Motion approach which allows your animal companion to move around freely. There are no hands-on unless your animal companion asks.

Remote Sessions 30 minutes – $45

Remote Animal Reiki Sessions are also available and are conducted using Zoom video conferencing. You will need to install the Zoom app on your phone to utilize the camera for the video call.

All first-time clients will need to complete an Animal Reiki Informed Consent, Private License, and Release form before their appointment.
If you have additional Animal Companions, you will need to complete one form for each.

Spiritual energy work is not a substitute for traditional medical or veterinary treatment.
If you or your animal companion have a serious health imbalance please see a doctor, veterinarian, or other appropriate professional.