Virtual Workshops

We realize how hard it is to get out and socilaize in this day and age. We decided to transform all our workshops into virtual versions. Now you can participate in our favorite workshops at your convenience from the privacy and safety of your home.

When you purchase a virtual workshop, we will ship you the materials needed to create the theme for each individual spiritual tool, access to the instructional video which can be accessed via our website, and a digital download of the workshop notes.

Transform your life and let your inner light shine!

Crystal Pendulum Workshop

In this virtual workshop we will learn about dowsing, the history behind it, and the use of a pendulum as a spiritual tool. When you purchase this workshop, you will be sent all the materials needed to create your own crystal pendulum using a raw crystal point to add to your spiritual toolbox. You will also have access to the Learning Center to view the instructional video and notes.

During the workshop we will build the parts of the pendulum and once completed, you will mail the pendulum back to us in the prepaid postage envelope included in the kit. We will plate your creation in a copper bath and mail the finished pendulum back to you when it is complete.

Crescent Moon Dream Catcher Workshop

According to Native American legend, a dream catcher hung above your place of sleep will absorb your dreams. The good dreams flow down to you as you sleep, while the bad dreams get caught in the web and are destroyed in the light of the rising sun.
In this virtual workshop you will  learn a brief history behind this tradition. Embrace the moon and the stars as we guide you through the process of making your own crescent moon dream catcher to  to filter your dreams. Our theme colors will be silver and blue using an 8 inch hoop.

All materials will be included in your workshop kit along with access to the Learning Center for the instructional video and notes.

Sacred Feather Workshop

Many cultures view the feather as sacred and as part of this belief that the feather holds the medicine of the bird from which it came. Other’s also believe that finding is feather is a sign from the Angels.

In this virtual workshop we will learn about the “medicine” of different feathers and their Angelic connection, the cleansing properties of sacred herbs and the history and spiritual beliefs of smudging. You will  create your own sacred feather to add to your spiritual toolbox for use in smudging, healing, and ceremony. As a part of this workshop kit, you will also receive a sample of the different smudging herbs so you can experience them for your self. All material included plus access to the Learning Center for the instructional video and notes.

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