Bio-Well and Bio-Cor

Know your Energy Body

The Bio-Well GDV Camera is an innovative device that uses a special technology called Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) to measure your body’s energy field. When undergoing a scan, a weak electrical current is applied to the fingertips for less than a millisecond. This stimulus results in the formation of an “energy cloud” composed of light energy photons. Although this discharge is invisible to the human eye, its electronic “glow” is captured by the camera system and then translated and transmitted back in graphical form to provide energy and stress evaluations.


A Bio-Well scan will show you:
• Functions of your organs
• Energy fields a position of chakras – stress level evaluation
• Energy reserves and biorhythms

The Bio-Cor audio device is a combination of Music with Frequency. The musical files are recorded in Tibet from 7 Tibetan Bowls and are modified based on your own frequency measured by your Bio-Welll scan. The soundtrack is 10 minutes long and the music slowly transforms into the most positive healing sound using the principle of binaural effect. The Bio-Cor device generates an electromagnetic field of Extremely High Frequency (EHF) in the millimeter gigahertz range with very low intensity. This type of therapy is called Extremely High Frequency (EHF) Therapy. The emitter is part of the Bio-Cor headset and rests above your forehead during your sound therapy session. You do not feel anything yet the wave generated creates a resonance in your bio-electrical field helping to align and balance your energy body.

To learn more about the Bio-Well and the Energy Body Assessment Report, please see this page.

Look at your lifestyle through the prism of energy

For Best Results:
  • Due to the design of the Bio-Well, individuals with long fingers nails may have issues getting proper scans
  • Do not eat at least 2 hours before your scheduled appointment
  • Do not wash your hands for at least 1/2 hour prior to your appointment

Bio-Well Energy Body Assessment

Single Scan with full report 1/2hr $75
Add-on Scan with a full comparison report (with the purchase of healing service) 45 minutes $75
Add-on Chakra Only Scan with comparison report 1/2 hour $ 50

Bio-Cor Sound Therapy

Bio-Well/Bio-Cor Sound TherapySession 1 hr $125
This session includes a Bio-Wel EnergyBody Assessment scan. Once complete we will review the results and create a specialized music file based on your initial scan results. Once downloaded, your personal music file is transferred to the Bio-Cor audio device. It is used to enable stress reduction and balance your subtle energy body. After you have listened to your personal sound file, a second scan is performed and the results are compared. You will be sent your personal music file so you can continue to listen to it over the next several days along with a copy of your complete report.

Bio-Well technology is not intended to treat, diagnose or prescribe. The information contained herein is in no way to be considered as a substitute for consultation with a duly licensed health care provider.